Wedding & Event Creator: The “Secret” for your perfect event.

The good taste, refinement, elegancy, perfection and oestrum are qualities that since I was a child have marked my personality and contribute to transform the atmosphere of every event in something extraordinary, realized with absolute rigour.

The wedding planner is more than a professional figure, it is  a true discreet friend, reassuring, patient, that with her abilities to adapt to the diverse situations will try to make you overcome all those hostile moments that might arise during the months of the preparation.

I must admit that, at the beginning, I also had doubts on what the duties of a Wedding Planner are.

I am sure you too have so many questions in your mind, you may be sceptic on whether being followed by a Wedding Planner or not and it is for this reason that I want to dedicate you this space trying to give you the best answers.

Why Choose Me

The Wedding Planner is a counsellor, a mediator that will fulfil any desire and will carefully imagine, create and draw up the best day of your life.

This is the first task of this complex and multi-faceted job!

Because the wedding planner will help you to manage and avoid all the stress linked to a wedding!

  • Research of the suppliers
  • Unforeseen events
  • Budget to respect

The Wedding Planner takes care of the majority of the duties, she will make a first selection on the basis of the desires of the newlyweds leaving them some free time to lead their lives. They will take their decision together in serenity and with no deadlines!

YES, because often the newlyweds have the same working times of the suppliers, so you will have to sacrifice YOUR FREE TIME for the organization.

Spasmodic researches for the lower price without giving up your desires and the management of the budget that is never sufficient!

The wedding Planner is used to working with a budget and will be able to give you advise about the cheapest suppliers without obliging the newlyweds to strike off some options, she will deal with the suppliers, she knows the job very well, so she will avoid unexpected costs. She will take notes of the expected costs, the deadlines and the payments!

Therefore you will only live the beauty of your wedding because the Wedding planner will take care of all the rest.

wedding event planner pescara sandra di domenico

Originality: the most beautiful element, but the most difficult one.

Any newlywed wants to realize something unique, original, something NEVER SEEN BEFORE!

BUT HOW? Where can they find the ideas? How can they put them together? How can they avoid to be trivial and do something that has already been seen? Then… will it respect your personalities?

Initially it will seem easy, but then, going on with the researches, indecision will dominate!

For this reason the figure of the Wedding Planner is necessary!

She will seize your common interests developing the style and also a theme that will be the common thread of your wedding, making it unique and inimitable, but, most of all, tailored to suit you requirements!

Do you think this is all? Well…it isn’t!

The Wedding Planner is able to value the feasibility of the proposals (it would be very difficult to make an ice decoration look good during a reception in the middle of July, especially if it is during the day!) She knows well the market, the offers proposed, the new tendencies. There will not be a lack in creativity!

Last but not less important… the coordination of the marriage!

Who will take care of the preparations when everyone is excited for the ceremony, among tears, photos and sugar plums?

NOONE, and trust these words… NOONE among friends and relatives is willing to sacrifice these salient moments. It’s your day, and you have to enjoy this moment you have been waiting for it with ENTHUSIAMS, EXCITEMENT AND SERENITY.

To sum up, the Wedding Planner will take care of all the tasks that will be given to her in terms of choice of the suppliers, contacts, preventives and management of the budget to stay in the limits established by the newlyweds.

Her main task is to make the day of the marriage a dreamy event for the newlyweds, who will not have to think about anything apart from enjoying their much desired day!

Do you want to turn your event into an unforgettable moment? Contact me.